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Aware and Embodied Group

learn to disrupt and replace the emotional eating & binge eating cycles

The pattern of emotional or binge eating followed by feeling of guilt, shame followed by dieting and restriction may happen each week, each day, and each hour. Our brains like patterns, and we can create new patterns of thoughts and behaviors to replace the patterns of emotional/ binge eating that are keeping you stuck.

followed by the urge to diet
or restrict food?

Are you noticing that you are increasingly consumed by the
constant urge to eat more and more,

in-person or virtual

$50 per week

8 weeks
starting 10/26/23

6:00 - 7:00pm ET

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  • You are exhausted from the relentless urges to eat more and more, followed by the feelings of shame, guilt, and remorse that make you promise, “this is the last time, I will eat ‘healthy’ starting tomorrow…

  •  You have been on EVERY (and I mean every) diet and you want to stop the cycle.

  • Eating interrupts your ability to socialize, have relationships, and be flexible.

this group is for you if...

creates a space to connect in a safe and supportive closed group space, for education and skill building to disrupt and disconnect from the Binge Eating, Emotional Eating Cycle.

Aware & Embodied Group

Informed by Dr. Kari Anderson's Book - Food, Body, and Love


  • Weekly meetings of 6-10 adult participants

  • Practical action steps in creating useful individualized skills to become aware, interrupt, and replace the Binge Eating Cycle

  • Compassionate education on how childhood trauma influences longstanding eating behaviors, techniques for creating mindfulness, and how to harness your nervous system to reduce stress eating

here’s what you can expect:

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