Attune and Embody Group

healing from compulsive exercise

The progression from exercising for wellbeing and fun to workouts becoming exhausting, compulsive, and punishing is slow and often not recognized. We may be shocked by the seemingly sudden inability to miss a workout or follow doctor’s medical recommendations after an injury. This is how compulsive exercise functions, it can interrupt and influence our life holistically.

and now dread it?

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  • The thought of taking a day off causes overwhelming guilt, negative thoughts, or changes eating behaviors

  • Exercise has started to take priority over relationships, work, socializing, and fun.

  • You exercise though pain, injury, or illness.

this group is for you if...

provides a clear roadmap to interrupt and disconnect from disordered exercise patterns, and intentionally move towards a balanced relationship with exercise.

Attune and Embody Group

Compulsive exercise interrupts an individual’s ability to participate in relationships and live a meaningful life.


  • Weekly meetings of 6-10 adult participants

  • Integration of polyvagal theory, mindfulness, ensory integration, yoga, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • A combination of education, experiential activities, self reflection, and group process to move from a disordered relationship with exercise to an embodied on.

here’s what you can expect:

offers a structured and supportive environment for participants to safely explore their relationship with exercise and choose a new path forward.

Attune and Embody Group

Informed by Amy Gardner's iMove Program,

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